Hi! I'm Maka Echarri 🖤 the passionate web designer, music manager, consultant and producer apasionada detrás de esta interfaz. Tengo 30 años, vivo en Buenos Aires y trabajo remoto principalmente con music artists and independent labels, but also with digital entrepreneurs that span artistic disciplines.

This space was created for us to meet and start working on improving, empowering and expanding your art, musical project, company or entrepreneurship. 

I invite you to keep browsing this WebSite.


Creative Web Design,

Personalized and Professional

I program, design and redesign landing pages, websites and online store in WordPress.

All Platforms are self-managed, responsive to all devices, secure and exclusively personalized, taking care that the visual language is aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, they are optimized so that they are positioned correctly in Google.

Mentoring for Musicians

The consulting and mentorships I provide consist of information, guidance and accompaniment to musical artists.

I do custom work and I design reorganization methods that adapt to the circumstances of the moment of such artists; and to the particularities of their projects, depending on the instance in which they are located, and without neglecting the personality and ways of them.

Are you a little bit lost? We can have an orientation meeting, Let's talk!

Social Media + Music Marketing

The world is increasingly digitized and, in turn, the the music industry works super competitive. Therefore, it is essential to have a good marketing plan in social media and platforms well- optimized that allow you to increase your presence in the digital medium, in order to gain more and more public and visibility, thus boosting your musical career.

Let's put together a comprehensive plan for your next release!

Conceptual Art & Minimalism

Branding + digital visual identity worked from conceptual art and minimalist aesthetics | General concept work in a project and/or material.

These services are mainly aimed at projects by independent music artists and to companies in the music sector, but it was also designed for new self-managed business in art-related fields art.