Web development

Would you like to create a digital window that highlights your brand, project or enterprise? Have you noticed the importance of online presence after quarantine?

If you have already made the decision to go digital but you still dont know what kind of website could be ideal, you can contact me vía soymaka.echarri@gmail.com to agree on a consultancy and and we can talk! Ill guide you to make the best decision.

According to the site you choose, I will advise you about the best options of hosting and domain that you must purchase previously; 

⇢ The Hosting is the service that is contracted to host the files and elements that will make up your website and it is also what allows you to be on the Internet.

⇢ The domain is the address hrough which people will find and access your website. Registrarás a unique name that can end in .com, .site, .net, etc. .com .site, .net, etc.

eCommerce Website for Musical Artist ⇣

Choose your ideal site!

Landing Page

Its a single page, where what is sought is to capture attention quickly, so that a specific action is is carried out, therefore, its main characteristic is simplicity.


⇢ 1 page with up to 5 blocks.

⇢ uploading an image or a video.

⇢ 1 call to action. Ex: Subscription, registration.

⇢ 1 Contact form.

⇢ Buttons to social media.


site Web consisting of many pages, blocks and sections.  Indispensable for projects with a lot of material to highlight.


Pages organized in a Menu.

⇢ uploading many images and videos.

URL with links that you need.

3 call to action. Ex: contact, subscribe, download.

⇢ Forms to contact and Newsletter full customized.

Button of WhatsappSMS or eMail.

⇢ Buttons to social media.

eCommerce Website

It is a site that also has an Online Store.

It is ideal to have everything grouped in one place and thus be able to self-manage it much better and faster.

It also saves the costs building and hosting of eCommerce in third-party platforms.


Everything that is included at Website plan plus the design of the Store with WooComerce and its corresponding configuration and payment gateways.


Option for sites only intended for sale of products and/or services.  


⇢ Little Landing Page or MicroSite of prsentation and Contact

⇢ Design of the Store with WooComerce and its corresponding configuration and payment gateways.

Redesign and more

You can consult about adaptatios and customizations in greater depth or just different. This will be subject to variations in the value of the base plan price

You can also contact me if you need a redesign of your actual web or migration or only of the Domain to a new hosting. nuevo hosting.

Nahuel Briones: "This is my website and I want to show you what its all about"

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