Personalized mentoring for Musical Artists

       The consulting and mentorships I provide consist of information, guidance and accompaniment to musical artists.

I do custom work and I design reorganization methods that adapt to the circumstances of the moment of such artists; and to the particularities of their projects, depending on the instance in which they are located, and without neglecting the personality and ways of them.

I'm not the only person who can talk to you about music marketing. There is a lot of information available and marketer strategists within reach of a couple of clicks. But... the reality is that, although there is an over-information on certain topics linked to the industry, at the same time there is an absence of other very important ones, which go beyond. Such as, for example: economic management and legal aspects; issues you should be able to understand from the beginning of your career or trade and in which I am willing to guide you, so that you can manage your artistic business in an integral and professional way.

Day by day, all over the Internet, thousands of standard tactics and tips are offered to grow up in the music business. However, you may have noticed that not everything fits in the same way to all cases, nor are the methods presented so simple to replicate, or simply that so much info makes you dizzy. Therefore, my intention is to focus mainly on the qualities of your project, to determine how they can be promoted. To discoverwe need to add and how should we work to improve weak points and begin to meet goals. Always looking for the most appropriate tools, and thinking together how to put the selected strategies into practice, addressing both digital and analog plans.

So, if you're about to release new music, if you want to enhance your current project or if you're just starting out on the path of music, contact me! and let's schedule a meeting.


"Maka helped me a lot when organizing the diffusion of my EP ❝PAUSE❞, contributing his gaze in clearer texts and ideas to communicate what he wanted to say with the songs. From organizing what publications we made to clarifying my doubts regarding the title, cover art, continuity with the previous albums, always with enthusiasm, giving me a critical opinion.

I emphasize her permeability to see in depth what the project was about and how it was better to transmit it, without bringing fixed dissemination rules. She gave me an outside look at the records I had already released and how everything could be better understood, unified."

"Maka's work is excellent! Super organized and very clear when it comes to solving your doubts and concerns. I'm super grateful for all the info she gave me, happy to have met her. So, we will see each other again in other consultancies!"

"The information provided is first-hand, very detailed, clear and 100% applicable. Personally, with Maka I was able to know and understand the management of the music industry. I took advantage of that knowledge in favor of my music, implementing each advice and solid strategies that were enhancing the path of my project in general in a very short time"

"It was a really positive experience. In addition to addressing my specific doubts very clearly, her way of structuring every aspect of what it takes to carry out a project, has motivated me to move in a more accurate direction without so many turns..”

"Maka is a genius. It was a very valuable experience to have a mentoring space with her., because we talked about many things regarding the dynamics of record labels, types of contracts and editorial records of my material, which clarified many doubts about it in order to advance in my project.
I highly recommend their mentoring and above all the generosity of providing so much information to emerging independent artists, who undertake from self-management. Thanks!"

My first mentorship with Maka motivated me to work more eagerly on my musical project. She is super focused and professional, she also gave me the information in a detailed way, which helped me to be more orderly which is what I needed. In addition to solve doubts about the music industry to be able to continue advancing with a firmer step. I'm glad I did a mentorship and I'm looking forward to continue working with her. Just THANKS! 

Working modalities

Sessions for musicians who are seeking for guidance, resources and accompaniments to work on developing and/or empowering their artistic career


express Consultancy: Orientation meeting of 30′ where I listen to you and then I make a diagnostic assessment about the instance and needs that the project should be working on.

Mentoría personalizada: Session of 60′ to Work based on the specific needs of the current project instance and certain immediate objectives, in search of progress and short-term benefits. Research work is carried out prior to the meeting.

Mentoring + follow-up: You can choose to 1 Mentoría principal de 60′ + 2 instancias de Consultoría de 40′ c/u. As a way of monitoring, support and teamwork. This ensures that you can put into practice most of the ideas and aspects evaluated. Contribute to the planning and organization of tasks that you have left after a single mentoring session. Research work is carried out prior to initial mentoring.

╰➤ Everything via googlemeet or zoom

Terms & Conditions

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