Your lyrics on Spotify by using MusixMatch.

Download the ultimate step-by-step Guide to add and sync your lyrics to Spotify, Tidal, Instagram Music, and other music sites.

Hello, musical artist! 👋 If you got here then it means that you’re looking for more ways to improve your digital platforms and the way you show your music to expand your project and reach new audiences. So, you need to know that sharing the lyrics of your songs it’s something very important, ‘cause if your lyrics aren’t available for your listeners, they’re going to have a harder time connecting with you and your music.

Most people love singing along their favourite songs and your fans need to be able to sing along to your songs as well (and so that they can learn them properly too). Also, you need to show a committed and professional musical project. If your platforms and its content are something neglected, you’re not going to get attention or boost your career even if you’re investing money in ads. Take advantage of all the resources and free tools you can find, it all adds up!📑🛠️📀

Now, surely you’ve been hearing about the MusixMatch application but you still haven’t figured out how to use it or perhaps you’re having problems on the platform, aren’t you?😬 Well, don’t you worry anymore! Because I’ve made for you a VERY SIMPLE Guide that absolutely collects all the information and tips you need to know to add and sync the lyrics of your songs on every music site, without any problem, easily and following the correct steps in order to make it an EFFECTIVE and FAST process.😁🤝

🎁 The Guide is FREE and you can download it in PDF format to view from your computer or from your mobile phone by completing the following form. You’ll also receive a copy and some comments in your email. 💌

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